Life in the Heights

Live from Peter Deluca Salon we are proud to announce our very first blog! Once a month you can keep up with fun new trends, as well as tips and tricks coming from our very own salon team.

New season new post:

Kick start your spring off right by bringing in new kits, product packages and the latest trends. We all know that spring is the time many of us commit to a healthier lifestyle, which can of course mean sweating it out at the gym! Our Morrocanoil gym refresh kit may just be what you need to jump start and maintain your New Year’s fitness resolution! One struggle us females have is to try and go a couple days in between washes to maintain our hair. But those of us trying to get back into the gym routine may have a hard time doing so because you may feel that your hair is dirty. A good dry shampoo may just be your best friend for this dilemma. For those of you who don’t know what dry shampoo is or what it does, it basically is exactly what it sounds like, a shampoo you can put into your hair without having to actually wet down your hair. It soaks up oils, adds some texture, and leaves your hair in a place to extend your washes and have you feeling fresh. Now there are so many dry shampoos out there, but our hands down favorite is Moroccanoil Light and Dark Tones Dry Shampoo made specifically for your hair type. This year it comes in a travel package with a water bottle to keep you hydrated at the gym and a travel kit of a Morrocanoil treatment. It’s the perfect way to revive and complete your look before or after the gym! (Picture of gym kit)

Hopefully it’ll be just what you need to keep that New Year’s resolution going strong!

Signing off, peterdelucateam